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Business Law

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About Course

Course Description

This course introduces the students to Canadian Business Law with an emphasis on legal issues relevant to business.

Topics will include: the Canadian legal system, tort law and professional liability, contract law, specific commercial contracts (including sale, insurance and employment), negotiable instruments, Canada Competition Act and other consumer laws, and security interests and partnerships and corporations.

Students will develop an ability to recognize and respond appropriately to legal situations that occur in a business environment.

Course Content

Tutor Topics

  • Lesson 0: Course Outline
  • Lesson 1: Foundations of Business Law in Canada
  • Topic 1.1: Business and the Law
  • Topic 1.2: The Canadian Legal System: A Framework for an Orderly Society
  • Topic 1.3: The Canadian Constitution and Other Sources of Law in Canada
  • Topic 1.4: Categories of Law
  • Topic 1.5: Legal Aspects of Business Activity
  • Topic 1.6: The Answer to Every Legal Question
  • Topic 1.7: Business Law and Business Ethics
  • Topic 1.8: Key Terms
  • Quiz 1: Foundations of Business Law in Canada
  • Lesson 2: Resolving Disputes and Navigating Canada’s Court System
  • Topic 2.1: Understanding When Legal Assistance Is Required
  • Topic 2.2: Providers of Legal Services: Lawyers and Paralegals
  • Topic 2.3: How Are Business Disputes Resolved?
  • Topic 2.4: Canada’s Court System
  • Topic 2.5: The Role of Canadian Courts
  • Topic 2.6: Litigation
  • Topic 2.7: Civil Court Remedies
  • Topic 2.8: Alternatives to Litigation
  • Topic 2.9: Key Terms
  • Quiz 2: Resolving Disputes and Navigating Canada’s Court System
  • Lesson 3: Tort Law
  • Topic 3.1: What Is a Tort?
  • Topic 3.2: The Importance of Tort Law for Business People
  • Topic 3.3: Vicarious Liability
  • Topic 3.4: Contributory Negligence Act
  • Topic 3.5: Elements of a Tort
  • Topic 3.6: Categories of Torts
  • Topic 3.7: Defending Against Tort Actions
  • Topic 3.8: Key Terms
  • Quiz 3: Tort Law
  • Lesson 4: Understanding Contracts
  • Topic 4.1: What Is a Contract?
  • Topic 4.2: The Importance of Contract Law for Business Success
  • Topic 4.3: The Importance of Written Contracts
  • Topic 4.5: Writing a Contract
  • Topic 4.6: What Is in a Contract?
  • Topic 4.7: Typical Terms in Business Contracts
  • Topic 4.8: Key Terms
  • Quiz 4: Understanding Contracts
  • Lesson 5: Working with Contracts
  • Topic 5.1: Formation of a Contract
  • Topic 5.2: Consequences of a Breach of Contract
  • Topic 5.3: Damages
  • Topic 5.4: Unenforceable Agreements
  • Topic 5.5: What Can You Do About a Breach of Contract?
  • Topic 5.6: Key Terms
  • Quiz 5: Working With Contracts
  • Lesson 6: Facilitating Business, Protecting Consumers, and Safeguarding the Marketplace
  • Topic 6.1: Moving Beyond the Common Law
  • Topic 6.2: Why Is Knowledge of These Laws Important to Your Business?
  • Topic 6.3: Facilitating Business
  • Topic 6.4: Protecting Consumers
  • Topic 6.5: Safeguarding the Marketplace
  • Topic 6.6: Key Terms
  • Quiz 6: Facilitating Business, Protecting Consumers, and Safeguarding the Marketplace
  • Lesson 7: Forms of Carrying On Business
  • Topic 7.1: The Importance of Choosing a Business Form
  • Topic 7.2: Sole Proprietorships
  • Topic 7.3: Introduction to Partnerships
  • Topic 7.4: Corporations
  • Topic 7.5: Co-operatives
  • Topic 7.6: Agency
  • Topic 7.7: Relationships Among Businesses
  • Topic 7.8: Key Terms
  • Quiz 7: Forms of Carrying On Business
  • Lesson 8: Banking, Financing, and Debtor-Creditor Law
  • Lesson 9: Workplace Law
  • Topic 8.1: The Importance of Banking, Financing, and Debtor-Creditor Law for Business People
  • Topic 8.2: Banking
  • Topic 8.3: Financing a Business: Debt Financing
  • Topic 8.4: Financing a Business: Equity Financing
  • Topic 8.5: Debt Collection and Insolvency
  • Topic 8.6: Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Topic 8.7: Key Terms
  • Quiz 8: Banking, Financing, and Debtor-Creditor Law
  • Topic 9.1: What Is Workplace Law?
  • Topic 9.2: The Common Law
  • Topic 9.3: Employment Contracts
  • Topic 9.4: Human Rights in the Workplace
  • Topic 9.5: Employment Standards
  • Topic 9.6: Health and Safety
  • Topic 9.7: Equity in the Workplace
  • Topic 9.8: The Unionized Workplace
  • Topic 9.9: Key Terms
  • Quiz 9: Workplace Law
  • Lesson 10: Property Law
  • Topic 10.1: What Is Property Law?
  • Topic 10.2: The Importance of Property Law for Business People
  • Topic 10.3: Distinguishing Ownership from Possession
  • Topic 10.4: Real Property
  • Topic 10.5: Leases
  • Topic 10.6: Insurance
  • Topic 10.7: Key Terms
  • Quiz 10: Property Law
  • Lesson 11: Intellectual Property and Business Law in the Digital Age
  • Topic 11.1: Intellectual Property Laws
  • Topic 11.2: Copyright Law
  • Topic 11.3: Moral Rights
  • Topic 11.4: Patent Law
  • Topic 11.5: Trademark Law
  • Topic 11.6: Industrial Design Law
  • Topic 11.7: Trade Secrets and Confidential Business Information
  • Topic 11.8: Privacy: Safeguarding Personal Information
  • Topic 11.9: Electronic Communications: Complying with the Law
  • Topic 11.10: Key Terms
  • Quiz 11: Intellectual Property and Business Law in the Digital Age
  • Lesson 12: Course Review
  • Lesson 13: Course Examination

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 years ago
2 years ago
I learned some basic law in this course, thank you so much!
2 years ago
Thank you for this course!
2 years ago
Ms. Laura is a great instructor, she will explain the topic very well. Thank you
2 years ago
Thanks for this great course...
2 years ago
Great experience
2 years ago
Very informative, encouraging to participate and it helps a lot.
2 years ago
The course is very informative. Sir Kene made it simpler and he was an amazing instructor. Group discussions are verg helpful as we were given enough time to interact and share our opinions with our classmates. I enjoyed this class and grateful to be part of it.
2 years ago
Kene made the course very interesting, everyone has to participate in the class discussion which makes it more enlightening. The breakroom was great too, having the chance to interact with my classmates/groupmates was fun. I really learned a lot from this class.
2 years ago
The course is interactive and well presented Sir Kene provide a clear and concise examples. I have learn so much with this course. The instructor is very knowledgeable and accommodating Thank you so much for helping us learn about Business Law.
2 years ago
I truly appreciate Bencher Kene for his patience and to treat the class equally to share his expertise about the course. He made the class more interactive and fun.
2 years ago
This course has been such an eye opener to so many unknown things in business. Furthermore, it was well taught and as such has given it a rooted meaning to me which will in turn birth its implementation in my business dealings.
2 years ago
This Chapter Business Law is very precise, detailed and straightforward. The terms with regards to rights and legalities of the Common Law included in this chapter are very useful and relevant for my current situation and my future endeavor. Moreso, it helps me understand deeper when Sir Kene summarized the topics discussed at the end of each chapter then followed by group discussion which are divided into 2 then all in that group interacts each other about a situation given to resolved it related to what have been discussed in that particular chapter. Very informative and interesting course. Excellent Sir Kene
2 years ago
Very interesting course. Thanks Sir Kene!
2 years ago
The course was very interesting and Sir Kene makes it interactive and fun. It is easy for us to understand the legal terms and he gave examples which makes it easier for us to learn and appreciate what is business law all about. Recommendable!!
3 years ago
I would have like to see more video presentations as well more involvement of students in the discussions.
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