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Business Management & Organisational Behaviour

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This module introduces the student to fundamental concepts and theories concerning the behaviour of people in organizations. The emphasis is on identifying questions and problems typically encountered by new employees and developing practical strategies and solutions. Contemporary issues and challenges in society are analyzed in terms of their impact on the workplace, on relations between individuals, and on the individual. The course draws on a variety of structured experiential exercises and case studies to apply the concepts of organizational behaviour to practical business issues and situations.

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Course Outline

  • Course Outline

Chapter 1: Organizational Behavior at Work

Chapter 2: Diversity and Inclusion at Work

Chapter 3: Individual Differences and Perception at Work

Chapter 4: Attitudes and Behaviors at Work

Chapter 5: Theories of Motivation at Work

Chapter 6: Designing a Motivating Work Environment

Chapter 7: Managing Stress and Emotions

Chapter 8: Communication at Work

Chapter 9: Groups and Teams at Work

Chapter 10: Conflict and Negotiation at Work

Chapter 11: Decision Making and Creativity at Work

Chapter 12: Leading at Work

Chapter 13: Power, Influence, and Politics at Work

Chapter 14: Organizational Structure and Change at Work

Chapter 15: Organizational Culture at Work

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4 Ratings
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2 years ago
It was nice to be part of this course..
2 years ago
This course is so helpful for me, and I can use this on my career.
2 years ago
Overall ,i consider this a great course, with a great instructor and i would recommend it to anyone.
2 years ago
this topic is very substantial and helpful tool for me on my career growth.
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