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Health & Safety in the Workplace

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Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and Workers’ Compensation Act provide comprehensive rules that impose duties on employers and employees in worker health and safety matters. Workplace health and safety is a top priority for employers because of the high costs associated with on the job accidents (including lost time and production, workplace safety and insurance claims, fines and other penalties, and the untold human suffering). The current health and safety laws impose rigorous requirements on everyone in the workplace – both employers and employees and failure to comply with the statutory standards can result in fines and in serious cases imprisonment. This course will provide participants with an understanding of their statutory duties and the requirements for proper compliance.

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Course Content

Topic 1: In the Beginning: Introduction

  • Lesson 1: In the Beginning: Introduction
  • Quiz 1: In the Beginning: Introduction

Topic 2: Making a Commitment: Management’s Commitment and Involvement

Topic 3: Being a Part: Workforce Involvement

Topic 4: Put It into Writing: A Written Safety and Health Program

Topic 5: Getting Safe Performance: Motivating Safety and Health

Topic 6: How they Act: Behavior-Based Safety

Topic 8: Search for the Culprits: Hazard Identification

Topic 9: Taking a Serious Look: Analyzing Hazards

Topic 10: Hurting: Occupational Injuries

Topic 11: Sick: Occupational Illnesses

Topic 12: Bent Too Far: Ergonomics

Topic 14: Taking Action: Intervention, Controls, and Prevention

Topic 17: Guiding Light: OSHA Compliance

Topic 18: Golden Rules: OSHA Regulations

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Thank you Dr. Mike!
2 years ago
thank you Dr. Michael Ogunleye
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thank you dr.mike
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