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Interviews & Counselling Skills

Categories: Human Services
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About Course

Course Description

This course emphasizes the skills and knowledge necessary to start any relationship. Basic skills for help are examined and practised, such as active listening, reflection, leadership, challenge, paraphrasing, summing, etc. Demonstrations through lectures, class discussions and role-playing.

Course Content

Topic 0: Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Course Outline

Topic 1: Professional Identity: Ethics, Values, and Self-Awareness

Topic 2: The Skills, Process, and Pitfalls of Counselling

Topic 3 : Relationship: The Foundation for Change

Topic 4 : Listening & Responding: The Basis for Understanding

Topic 5 : Asking Questions: The Search for Meaning

Topic 6 : Empathic Connections

Topic 7 : Supporting Empowerment and Change

Topic 8 : Difficult Situations: Engaging with Hard-to-Reach Clients

Topic 9 : Mental Disorders and Substance Abuse

Topic 10 : Cultural Intelligence

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2 years ago
Thnx sir john ❤️❤️
2 years ago
2 years ago
looking forward for my teacher again...
2 years ago
full of lessons
2 years ago
Very inspiring. I learned a lot from Sir John he teaches very well, looking forward to
be my teacher again......
2 years ago
very informative especially for beginners
2 years ago
This course was made even more interesting because of John's teaching technique. He is very knowledgeable and he helped us a lot in developing our confidence
2 years ago
John is an excellent professor. Looking forward to be his student again
2 years ago
Awesome course!
2 years ago
Our teacher Mr.John Cedric Marquina is so great,i learned a lot from him,He is an excellent teacher.
2 years ago
Interesting course
2 years ago
interesting topic to learn
2 years ago
Great course
3 years ago
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