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Introduction to Human Services

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About Course

Course Description

Students will explore the foundation of generalist human service work practice, as well required competencies in the human services field.

Students will discuss the historical roots of the profession through an interactive class, examine essential components of ethical practice and problem- solving skills, evidence-based practices. Students will also learn interdisciplinary approaches and discuss ethical problems.

Course Content

Topic 0: Course Outline
Introduction to Human Services - Course Outline

  • Lesson 0: Course Outline

Topic 1: Eight Characteristics of the Effective Helper
Characteristics of the Effective Helper briefly highlights a number of attitudes that human service professionals should avoid.

Topic 2: Culturally Competent Helping
Culturally Competent Helping examines the changing demographics in Canada and its impact on being a culturally competent helper.

Topic 3: Ethical Issues and Ethical Decision Making
Ethical Issues and Ethical Decision-Making examines the purpose of and limitations to ethical guidelines and then goes on to examine four ethical decision-making models.

Topic 4: Entering the Agency
Entering the Agency examines appropriate ways that agencies should respond to initial contacts of clients, whether it is by phone, email, or when a client walks into an agency.

Topic 5: Foundational Skills
Foundational Skills are those skills, perhaps we should say attitudes, that all helpers should provide early on in the relationship and are the prelude to the more focused helping skills.

Topic 6: Essential Skills
Essential Skills are core skills that should be used in any helping relationship and often initiate movement toward goal identification and even goal achievement.

Topic 7: Commonly Used Skills
Commonly Used Skills help the client move toward solving problems.

Topic 8: Information Gathering and Solution-Focused Questions
Information Gathering and Solution-Focused Questions distinguishes between these two important types of questions which may be used in the helping relationship.

Topic 9: Advanced and Specialized Skills
Advanced Skills and Specialized Training are skills and specialized trainings that are selectively used based on the needs of the clients.

Topic 10: Introduction to Case Management
Case Management examines those skills necessary for the maintenance of the optimal functioning of clients.

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2 years ago
The facilitator was awesome, and the course was so enlightening
2 years ago
This course is a great help to us. My instructor is very good and understanding. He really knows the topic.
2 years ago
I learned quite a bit in this course,However, some slides and materials were not discussed thoroughly enough.
2 years ago
(the subject is very interesting), need more to explain and give some example on this subject.
2 years ago
sir tobias is very accomodating and helpful professor…we learned a lot from him
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