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Introduction to Microeconomics

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About Course

This course discusses the terminology, concepts, theory, methodology and limitations of current microeconomic analysis. The course provides students with a theoretical structure to analyze and understand economics as it relates to individuals and businesses. In addition, it seeks to provide students with an understanding of how political, social and market forces determine and affect the Canadian economy.

The course explores the principles of production and consumption – and the exchange of goods and services – in a market economy. It is compliments other courses in the Business Administration program by highlighting the various market mechanisms that influence managerial decision-making.

Course Content

Topic 0: Course Outline
Course Outline

  • Lesson 0: Course Outline

Topic 1: Analyzing Economic Problems
Why Study Microeconomics? Three Key Analytical Tools Positive and Normative Analysis

Topic 2: Demand and Supply Analysis
Demand and Supply Analysis

Topic 3: Consumer Preferences and the Concept of Utility

Topic 4: Consumer Choice

Topic 5: The Theory of Demand

Topic 6: Inputs and Production Functions
Inputs and Production Functions

Topic 7: Costs and Cost Minimization

Topics 8: Cost Curves

Topic 9: Perfectly Competitive Markets

Topics 10 : Competitive Markets: Applications

Topics 11: Monopoly and Monopsony

Topics 12: Capturing Surplus

Topics 13: Market Structure and Competition

Topics 14 : Game Theory and Strategic Behavior

Topics 15: Risk and Information

Topics 16: General Equilibrium Theory

Topics 17: Externalities and Public Goods

Student Ratings & Reviews

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9 Ratings
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2 years ago
Good course
2 years ago
I valued and much appreciated Mr. Yahya. Your teaching techniques to make your students knowledgeable in this course. Thank you.
2 years ago
I enjoyed this course so much lots of information and knowledge.
3 years ago
A good instructor. Thank you Dr. Jude.
3 years ago
i learn a lot in this course.
3 years ago
Dr. Jude is one of kind and understanding instructor, Thank you so much!
God Bless.
3 years ago
a heartfelt gratefulness for all your teachings sir. may you continue enlightening others. may GOD Bless you.
3 years ago
You are such a very kind and understanding professor. Huge thank you Dr. Jude for sharing to us your knowledge.
3 years ago
Dr. Jude is very helpful and is a very good instructor. Thank you Dr. Jude
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