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Professionalism & Ethics in Human Services

Categories: Human Services
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Course Description

Students will take part in hands-on activities that teach professionalism in human services. Students will be exposed to relevant tools of ethics and frameworks in the human services field. Ethical decision-making models and real case scenarios will be presented in this course. Students will also learn philosophies and foundations of ethics, as well as principles on how to resolve ethical dilemmas.

Course Content

Topic 1: Helping: The Role and Influence of the Helper

  • Lesson 1: Helping: The Role and Influence of the Helper
  • Quiz 1: Helping: The Role and Influence of the Helper

Topic 2: Helper Variables – What the Helper Brings to the Helping Relationship

Topic 3: Ethical Standards: Guidelines for Helping Others

Topic 4: Ethical Practice in an Increasingly Diverse World

Topic 5 : Ethics and the Law

Topic 6 : Conflict: The Reality of Being ‘Ethical’ Within the Real World

Topic 7 : Ethical Decision-Making

Topic 8: Informed Consent

Topic 9 : Confidentiality

Topic 10 : Boundaries and the Ethical Use of Power

Topic 11 : Efficacy of Treatment

Topic 12 : Evaluation and Accountability

Topic 13: Ethical Challenges Working with Groups, Couples and Families

Topic 14 : Competence and the Ethics of Self-Care

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2 years ago
2 years ago
interesting course
2 years ago
very informative
2 years ago
2 years ago
Informative course
2 years ago
Thanx miss natassia I learn a lot from you❤️❤️
2 years ago
Good job Natassia!
2 years ago
very informative
2 years ago
nice technique of teaching.
2 years ago
awesome instructor
2 years ago
Ms. Natasha has a good heart with her student very brilliant teacher, I learned a lot and I am excited about the next class...enjoyed her Kahoot quizzes.
2 years ago
she's good teacher, lots of consideration and i enjoy my class with her!
2 years ago
very interesting topics
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